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 Carolyn Catchings, LPC , PEC

Carolyn Catchings, President



I am a firm believer in the method of Counseling/therapy. I am a Massage Therapist and Athletic Trainer who co-owns a Chiropractic Clinic. I advocate self-care through healthy eating habits, exercise, massage, rehabilitation, and Chiropractic Care. Just as I would instruct a client on how to rehab their body from overuse, I would apply that same methodology to my mental health. 


In 2021 I was introduced to Carolyn Catchings and realized she was nothing like any counselor or therapist I had ever met. At our first session, I listed all of my previous diagnosis, her response was "If these diagnosis are something you would like to focus on, I would be happy to introduce you to a counselor that would better suit those needs. I am here to build up your strengths". I was completely thrown off, I always thought of my diagnosis as problematic and the issue of all my mental exhaustion and this women wants to focus on strengths! I became intrigued, she gave me a breath of fresh air after 5 minutes of meeting her! 


She took my diagnosis and strengths and used them to help me see an individual who was equip to overcome  stressful situations, mental exhaustion and more importantly; showed me how to respectfully battle my inner dialogue. Her method is like nothing I had ever experienced. All of my previous therapist had a grandmother like approach to their interaction. Carolyn Catchings has a strong, motherly, older sister way of presenting her professional opinion. She gave praises when they were due and pointed out the ugly without beating around the bush. 


She helped me to see a strong, confidant, humble version of myself! If you are looking to transform yourself, in a way that I can't fully explain please give Carolyn Catchings a chance to introduce you to her program. Like stated previously, she does not have a coddling approach, but you will never mistake her interaction as anything but LOVING and genuine.  

Laura A.

Testimonial: Dr. A.P. St. Louis, MO

"I recently started my new ideal position!  I really learned a great deal. Thanks again for everything, I really felt like you helped!"

Dr. A.P 




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Debbie H., Illinois

Hi Carolyn,

I wanted to let you  know that you have helped me so much to work through some of my thoughts and insecurities and become a more confident person. I am not sure if I ever thanked you,  but you are good at what you do and I just wanted to remind you of that.

~ Debbie H.



N. T., Illinois

Ms. Carolyn,

I really thank God for your being real; your help has meant everything to me and I will never forget it. You really helped me look at my strengths and build from there, so with Gods help I am not ready to give up! I truly thank you, you have been a blessing!

~N. T., Illinois


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