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For Members Only:

•Do you need help identifying your authentic identity?

•Do you feel life has more to offer than the mundane existence of working a job till you retire?

•Are you , your partner or family stuck in a rut?

•Are you currently experiencing life stage or other areas of transition?

• Do you need assistance identifying your innate gifts, strengths, abilities?

•Are you finding it difficult to overcome hurt, loss, abuse, shame?

•Is there a purpose for your life you feel you have yet to discover/fulfill?

•Are you willing to commit 6 weeks to achieve the change you desire?


The Personal Empowerment Institute  customized empowerment packages  target specific areas in your life which you desire growth, healing, development or change.

Personal Empowerment Programs are offered in 6 to 12 week group and individual sessions. Clients have the option to attend sessions in person or online. The programs are currently being offered to members only.

 6 week Empowerment Programs:

 Empowerment packages are  customized to address specific areas of desired change and growth:

  • Defining your Purpose / destiny plan incorporates branding and career derived by understanding innate potential (strengths) – 2 parts

  • Discovering the Authentic self –Learn how discovery of your authentic self releases your full potential.  Offered in  2parts

  • Bridging Life Offers Others Meaning “ BLOOM” For midlife individuals- With the teaching and tools provided with this program,  you will receive the tools to interpret midlife experiences as an opportunity to discover your“ product 2part

  • "Pain transformed to power" offers change through perception)

  • 3 parts: assessment, intervention, maintenance .

  • Transitions - With the teaching and tools provided with this program, you will receive the tools to integrate life transitions into a recalibration process of growth and empowerment

  • The Purpose of Relationships Expanding Your Purpose Through Relationships

Evidence Based Practice:

Carolyn Catchings, LPC, CRC, CPEC

Is the Pioneer and Developer of the Personal Empowerment Programs:

After over 20 years of working as an Empowerment Coach and an additional 7 years of Professional Clinical practice, Carolyn Catchings developed a program which has been derived from the most effective interventions and most successful outcomes achieved by her clients.

Each 6 to 12 week program has been proven to achieve the results for the area of focus.

This customized approach has been used as an intervention and personal growth tool and has shown significant outcomes.

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