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Choose one free assessment from the list below which  best relates to your current growth & change needs.  Use the contact form to receive your assessment.

Stress Coping Skills

Test how well you are actually managing your current stress level

The Right Life Balance

Find out whether your life is currently balanced between the areas that mean most to you

Do I Know Who I Am?

Test your self awareness, your identity, and your direction in life

Conflict Management Measure

How skilled are you at managing and diffusing difficult situations?

Who Do You See in the Mirror?

Learn how secure, confident, and healthy your body image is

Self Actualization Assessment

Learn how much you are activating your full potential.

Is Now the Time for a Change?

Learn whether your life is currently stable and ready to make that big change

Are You The Best Parent You Can Be?

This assessment will ask you some key questions to determine the strength of your current parenting skills and comfort level with being a caregiver for your children. Find out whether you know some of the methods of the most effective parenting strategies.

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