Carolyn Catchings, LPC, CRC, CPEC

Carolyn Catchings, LPC, CRC, CPEC

Founder of Personal Empowerment Institute and Pioneer of the customized Personal Empowerment Programs.

During her professional career as Life Coach, Image Consultant and Licensed Professional Counselor, Carolyn formulated a customized approach which has proven effective and delivered very positive, measurable outcomes for her clients. The areas addressed with the empowerment program addresses some of the most common concerns presented by Carolyn’s Clients and the assessments and intervention tools offered in each program has proven the best practices when addressing the focus areas of concern

 Adam Catchings, CPEC

 Laquette Collins, CPEC

 Adam Catchings, CPEC

Certified Empowerment Coach / Marketing & Promotions

Hi, My name is Adam Catchings,

I am a Certified Personal Empowerment Coach and a Marketing specialist for Midlife by Design.

As an Empowerment Coach, my forte is derived from my life’s experiences as well as the challenges that I continue to share with my peers colleagues and clients. As your Personal Empowerment Coach, I am ready to help you achieve the growth, development, and ultimate life changes you currently may be missing. Allow me to help you build your strengths by tapping into the attributes of your authentic self.

Adam Catchings, CPEC, Marketing

1(800) 413-3057 ext. 801


Laquette Collins,CPEC

Certified Personal Empowerment Coach, Family Services

Hi my name is Laquette Collins.  I am a Certified Empowerment Coach with experience in multiple areas. 


I enjoy helping families who have children with behavioral and psychological concerns. I also find pleasure in helping women retrieve their inner strengths so that they may use those abilities to overcome  obstacles in their lives. 


I enjoy using the skills that I have learned from life experiences to help others who may be facing some of the same issues. I look forward to helping you soon.


Laquette Collins 
(800) 413-3057 ext 804


Danielle J., St. Louis

Ms Catchings, I don't know what I would have done if God hadn't placed you in my life. Our sessions have meant everything to me. You have helped me to more clearly identify my potential and barriers.

I have had so many positive outcomes since we started my coaching and am continuing to see growth and change! I am ready to give back to my community and share the new product I have become :)

Thanks again!

~ Danielle J.




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