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Authentic Identity Empowerment Program Part 1


This Package will include 6 total sessions

Sessions are offered in individual or group formats. If possible it is recommended to attend both formats. Group sessions are 3 to 6 clients per class and last 1 to 1 ½ hours, depending on number in attendance.

Session one: Intro and overview of process change; Identify ecological and psychological influence & impact

Session two: Develop a customized plan to accomplish strength based change/growth

Session three: Evaluate goals and implement plan of action

Session four: review measurable outcomes, identify barriers, share experiences of growth

Session five: Iidentify specific personal growth, development areas and modify customized approach as needed

Session six:  How to  establish & integrate  an authentic representation of self

The cost this program is  $750 for 6 sessions

Every addition 1-hour session will be $125.00                                                                            


Authentic Identity Empowerment Program Part 2

The second level classes expand on first level;

Clients who choose to attend second level classes are interested in going beyond growth, change acquired in the first level by utilizing tools and techniques to manage the change by incorporating their environment (social, family, career) for further adaptation and adherence.

Session one: Adaptation  of growth and change; activating  your authentic self in your environment.

Session two : Reinforce core strengths and identity traits:

Session three: Develop Destiny Plan

Session four: Discussion and review of destiny plan. Shared ideas of development of integrated plans.

Session five: Review, expand, modify individual destiny plan. Assess areas of growth/ change:

Session six: Evaluate execution of destiny plan: summarize areas of change/ development/ growth:

The cost this program is  $750 for 6 sessions

Every addition 1-hour session will be $125.00

Payment plans/ discounts/options available when applicable.



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